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Zetor Major

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Major Tractors

Major is a universal agricultural wheeled tractor that you will appreciate for its excellent price‑to‑power ratio. It is designed for coupling with farm machines, as well as for transport. Major is designed for small and family farms, and is also useful for light jobs in the woods and for municipal services. Major is a lifelong tractor – always reliable, powerful and easy to maintain.


Major tractors are designed for the best combination of the engine performance and the tractor weight, meaning the tractor’s potential can be fully used.


The design of the tractor is simple, smart and purposeful. Therefore it is maximally reliable and easy to maintain.

Total Cost of Ownership

Major tractors are easy to service thanks to their simple construction. Their fuel consumption is reasonable, even at a high power. From the long-term point of view, you will appreciate reasonably priced spare parts.

Sale Type


Type - Deutz TCD 2.9 L4 (Stage IIIB)
Engine design - Diesel, direct fuel injection, Common rail, turbocharged, DOC filter
Rated power (ECE R120) kW
Rated speed rpm 2,200
Max. power (ECE R120) kW 55.4
Max. power (ECE R120) HP 75.3
Rated Speed rpm 2,000
No. of cylinders / valves - 4 / 8
Displacement cm3 2,925
Max. torque Nm 300.0
Torque rise % 25
Type - 4 mechanical gears with 3 ranges
Number of gears (F/R) - 12/12
Reverser - Mechanical (SynchroShuttle)
Speed km/h 30
Type - Independent / ground speed
Rear PTO revolutions rpm 540/1,000 
Control - Mechanical
Type - Mechanical with regulation
Gear pump capacity l/min 50
Rear hydraulic remotes (Quickcouplers) - 1+1/2+1 (OPT)
Type - Category II
Max. lift capacity kN 18.1
Driver's seat - Mechanically suspended STANDARD seat with safety belt / Pneumatic suspension OPT
Heating / Air-conditioning - Standard / Optional
Steering Wheel - Fixed / Tiltable, height adjustable OPT
Drive System - 4WD
Operating brakes - Mechanical with connecting the front axle
Fuel tank l 80
Front mudguards - Fixed
Operating Weight* kg 2,960 - 3,645
Max. technically permissible weight kg 4,300
Length /Width /Height max. mm 4,511 /2,241 / 2,586
Length** /Width *** /Height min. mm 3,505 / 1,941 / 2,560
Wheelbase mm 2,210

OPT Optional

*Without front and rear ballast, ** Max. length with 3PH and front ballast, * * * Max. width with folded mirrors

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Suzuki 2022 Hayabusa new shape
Elegant and passionate – such
is the new design

In 2015, ZETOR reached out to the entire agricultural world by introducing its vision for a new tractor design in cooperation with the Italian studio Pininifarina.

Elegance, passion and emotions perfectly combined with the power, performance and resilience of farm machines – of which tractors are prominently featured.

The resulting product has a high aesthetic value and proudly represents the new, iconic vision of the brand. The negative bonnet incline, dominant shape of the front panel, location and shape of the headlights, or shifting the logo to the front panel centre all form a unique, vivid impression. The new shape of the roof is also more practical, offering a better view from the machine’s cab. We must not forget the rear machine’s lights finely fitted in the mudguards, creating a graceful and coherent curve.

The new design uniquely combines the robustness of a farm machine with practicability and an attractive, emotionally-tuned design.

Suzuki 2022 Hayabusa Engine
Well-tried with low consumption

The core of Major tractors is its well-proven four-cylinder engine with a power of 76 hp. The engine also performs well in demanding conditions. The engine is excellent for its low fuel consumption, high reliability and simple construction. When working with it, you will appreciate the low operating costs of the tractor, and when servicing it you will appreciate its easy and simple maintenance.

2,9 l

Four-cylinder compression ignition engine with Common Rail direct fuel injection

  • Power of 76 hp
  • Engine capacity 2.9 litres
  • Four-cylinder compression ignition engine with Common Rail direct fuel injection
  • DOC catalyst (no DPF filter, urea-free)
  • External EGR cooling
  • Optimized engine combustion leads to a lower heat load, lower consumption and higher pulling power
  • High-quality engine guarantees long life

Suzuki 2022 Hayabusa Gearbox
High endurance and long life

Major CL tractors are equipped with a reversing, four-ratio, fully synchronized gearbox with three speed ranges. The Major HS is additionally provided with a two-stage torque multiplier (PowerShift), electro-hydraulic reverser (PowerShuttle) and creeper speeds. This results in the ideal stepping of the available gears to keep the engine at the optimum speed both when working in the field or during transport, thus reducing fuel consumption.

  • Speed range from 0.5 to 40 km/h
  • Easy to service
  • Major CL transmission has 12F/12R speeds and Major HS has 24F/12R speeds
  • Six speeds in the working range of 4-12 km/h

Suzuki 2022 Hayabusa HYDRAULICS
Reliable operation in all directions

Zetor Major tractors are equipped with hydraulics with mechanical regulation. The advantage of this system is high lifting force and smooth regulation of lowering, which ensures reliable and easy control. You will also appreciate the hydraulic lock function when transporting implements.

Suzuki 2022 Hayabusa Benefits

  • Maximum lifting force Major CL 18kN
  • Smooth lowering regulation
  • Simple and safe handling of additional equipment
  • Quick coupling
  • Hydraulic lock function when transporting tools


Comfort at any work

The Major's cab is practical, spacious and provides an excellent view all round. The digital dashboard displays all important information required for the operation and control of the tractor. Two roof types can be installed on Zetor tractors. The standard equipment is a roof with a hatch, while a reinforced FOPS roof is better suited for tractors equipped with a front loader.

  • Ideal view from the cab in all directions
  • Spring-suspended seat
  • A roof hatch for a better view when working with the front loader
  • Simple and well arranged control of the machine
  • Radio and air conditioning ready

Major HS

  • Height-adjustable tilting steering wheel
  • Reduced cab noise
  • More storage space
  • Suspended swivel driver's seat with arm rests and higher backrest
  • Comfortable folding passenger's seat
  • Multiple storage spaces