Route Truck Service

                Ron’s Bearings Equipment Sales offers a Route Truck Service, our goal is to provide you the very best route truck experience, we offer a wide selection of products for your dairy farm with consistent scheduled deliveries each week, our Route delivery truck has everything you need!

                Are you running out of your essential products, short on time and can’t get away from the farm, let us come to you, our route truck specialist is ready to serve you!!

Let us introduce you to our Sanitation Specialist Warren Yates.  Warren has joined our team and is running the Route truck to service all of our customers.  Warren has exceptional knowledge and a great deal of background experience to assist you with questions concerning your Dairy Sanitation needs.

Warren has integrity and honesty that can be hard to come by.

Warren and His wife Anita are from a small community where they farm and raise their family.  We are very fortunate and proud to have someone like Warren Yates join our team.

Schedule your next delivery 

Our Office 705-878-4515 or Warren’s cell 705-878-6554

Have our Route Truck visit your farm today!!